Jesus is your means across the chasm into glory.

A little over 20 years ago, in 1999, Robbie Knievel jumped the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle.  Well, he actually jumped a sliver of the Grand Canyon, but still it was 231 feet wide – which is a lot, and it was still a canyon, hundreds of feet deep.

When I watched that, it reminded me of his father, Evel Knievel’s, attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon 25 years earlier – way back in September, 1974. That was 45 years ago.

Those stunts are famous because they were so dangerous. And as scary as jumping motorcycles may be, today’s parable is starker.  Scarier. It has my attention, I hope it has yours.  That is the point.

Is the chasm here the impossible divide between heaven and hell? Or is it about the chasm resident in the human heart? I think yes to both.

Develop your vision for faith and life.

This weekend the Lake Wales High School Class of 1979 is having their 40th reunion. That caught my attention because I am also from the class of 1979. My reunion was last spring and we were too busy with moving for me to go, but I was able to see a lot of pictures and reflections on Facebook.

I have a lot of happy memories from high school. I had my struggles, too, of course, but on balance it was good. But there’s an aspect of high school for many if not most of us that gives us a path to understanding this odd parable.

God's love pursues and transforms.

WELCOME!  We are celebrating Back to Church Sunday because so many people drift away from church for a lot of reasons and circumstances. We are thrilled you are here.

Or maybe you haven’t been part of a church before.  From the outside it may seem like we are a kind of a holy club that you’ve got to meet qualifications to join. Even if that may be true in some places, it’s actually backwards from what we are meant to be as Jesus’ Church, as we can see in today’s Gospel (Luke 15:1-10)