God's love should affect every aspect of our lives.

Spring has become a season of thanksgiving; Mother’s Day, graduation Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, and Father’ Day. Each of those has its particular joy because that’s what thanksgiving does. So the first lesson today is just that. If you want to make your life better, thank God for everything for which you can think to thank him. And Thanksgiving is a helpful way to approach today’s Gospel, which is a wild story.

Embrace God's revealed nature.

In the children’s sermon I demonstrated how we understand our world through perception, speculation and revelation.

Perception involves the things we might see, hear, touch, taste and smell to gather information. Our perception has some limitations and is not always accurate.  Some of us need glasses or are colorblind, some are hard of hearing. We are limited by space and time as to what we can personally perceive. Yet, we can see God’s fingerprints in his creation.  We can observe God’s majesty in this world in the eyes of a child, the beauty of a simple wildflower, a Florida sunset or the stars at night.