God's Generosity

I’ve been asked to help you in your season of stewardship because it is time to fill out and return your pledge cards. Why?  The vestry needs to know how to fund your life and ministries in 2019. Pledge cards will be available today as you depart!

Once, while touring London, I asked Bishop Howe if we could make the short trip to Canterbury. He said, “No, they are having a special ceremony but I can get you into a place where others cannot go. How would you like to go to Lambeth Palace?”

So we went for tea at Lambeth Palace and we were able to visit the Lambeth Library. The Library has been a repository for Church of England archives for the last 683 years. Thomas Cranmer worked there on the first BCP in the 1500’s at a small desk on the Library balcony.

The point is - be ready for God to surprise you with His generosity and take you places others cannot go.

The Body of Christ

One evening a couple of years ago our son Zach called, he was very excited. He was calling to invite us to come to Gainesville to attend his Ordination as a Deacon in his church. My first response was Deacon? How could he be a Deacon? No way, I don’t recall hearing anything about this. How could he find time to study, when did he do all of this? My mind jumped to my own journey to the diaconate, the 4 years of travel to Winter Park, study, papers, reading, my psychological exam, written exam and the day when I stood before the Standing Committee. I also thought about my own Ordination at The Cathedral in Orlando. Bishop Brewer laying his hands on me as he ordained me. “No Way, it couldn’t be the same!”

Do Not Be Anxious

Have you ever thought about being exiled in the desert under the control of your enemies?  It is a place of danger from the elements, the lack of rain and food, wild animals, fear and flight. The wilderness can also be a place to find redemption and faith. It can be a place to let go of all our sinful actions learning to trust in God again, and to believe in the promises he made to his people.