Rev. Tom Seitz, Jr.

From 1997 -2017, Father Thomas Seitz, Jr., led the flock at the Church of the Good Shepherd. During his twenty years as Rector, the parish experienced steady growth, including a great number of families with young children.  All of the church buildings were either updated or renovated.  One of the highlights of Father Tom's time at Good Shepherd has been an increased emphasis on mission and outreach.  The parish entered into a partnership with a mission in a small village in Honduras, Santa Maria.  As a result, the mission now has a church building and the parishioners of "El Buen Pastor" have the means to earn funds to sustain their church.  Closer to home, the parish entered into a partnership with a local elementary school to provide mentoring services, food for needy children, and encouragement to teachers.  Father Tom will be greatly missed by our parish family.  During his retirement, he plans to read, travel, and spend time with his wife, children and grandchildren.